Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Hallo und auch von mir Herzlich Willkommen

wie schon angekündigt, werden wir hier unsere unsere Collabkits präsentieren. Und ich bin Maurine.....das ist die Mau bei MauSi.
Also viel Spass MauSi Scrap Collabs!!!!!
Eure Maurine


Hi and also a hearty welcome from me!!!!
like we mentioned, we will be presenting our Collab Kits here.
And I am Maurine, the front part of MauSi. I am also the one that speaks and writes both in english and german.....since Si (Silvie) isn't so good at english.
So, have fun here at MauSi Collab Kits!!!!

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  1. Greetings from Australia. Best Wishes for your website.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity with us.